Saturday, March 28, 2009

Betsey, Courtney, Myself, Kristen, Jenny, and Cayden
Aftermath from our Fabulous Super Saturday!
These ladies are amazing!!! I love our ward RS Sisters! Cynthia modeling her crafts
from the days activities! What a champ!
The Tiles came out so awesome!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me, Stacy, and Kamiey with three of the new BlaCK BeAR CuBs! I love these ladies!

Arnold up from hibernation. I realize that this might look bad to others that I am sticking my hand out to this guy, but....Arnold is more human than Bear! He loves PEoPLe! Not eating them. I was just saying hello from his recent wake up from hibernation.

Tom was the lucky one to find Stiltz's remaining antler. You can see Stiltz standing in the back looking at Tom with envy. Tom was pretty proud of his momentary trophy!

Last Year's Babies~Not so much babies anymore! Talk about ginormous tongues~ One more baby picture~

More Pic's with the Cubs! Stacy is the most amazing Animal Keeper and she is doing awesome with these new cubs! Like every Mom she needed a break. I could live for babysitting the bear cubs. Tom is such a pro!

2009 BLaCK BeAR CuBS!

Tom and I visited Stacy, another Keeper, who is taking care of 5 of the new Black BEar CubS~Nothing buT kissEs!